Plate-and-shell heat exchanger
Plate-and-shell heat exchanger combines the efficiency of plate heat exchanger and the reliability of shell-and-tube heat exchanger. A welded platepack is assemble into a cylindrical shell which creates a flow path(shell side) while the plate pack creates another flow path(plate side). Both shell sideand plate side can be designed as multipass channels. The complete welding results in a gastight unit with no possibility of leaks.

 -Pressure up to 50 bar,
 -Temperatures up to 500°C
 - Optional fully welded or openable structure
 -Materials: stainless steel, SMO254, Alloy C276, Nickel alloy, titanium

 -Same performance as plate heat exchanger while reliability as shell and tube
 -Excellent operational flexibility and low maintenance costs
 - Small dimensions and low weights
 -No leakages, environmental protection

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