Evaporation system

The Evaporation equipment is used as a thermal process machine, for the concentration or separation of liquid solutions, suspensions and emulsions. 

The Propellent evaporation equipment is designed for highly viscous or thermal sensitive liquids. The whole system consists of plate evaporators(single effect or multiple effect), vapor liquid separators, condenser, pumps and control system. It is designed as a rising film evaporator(multiple effect or MVR) with evaporation process taking place in the plate passages. The system is particularly effective with non-Newtonian viscous liquids.

Considering the energy conservation, multi-effect or MVR or TVR is introduced to reduce the steam consumption or electric consumption. 

For most duties the conventional gasketed plate evaporator is specified. However, for duties where the process fluid could attack the gasket, Propellent can offer the welded plate pair exchanger which eliminates elastomer gaskets on the process side.

 Typical applications:

    - Concentration of sugar solutions
    - Wastewater evaporation
    - Concentration of syrups
    - Concentration of fabric softeners
    - Lignin solutions
    - High concentration gelatin
    - Concentration of hydrolyzed protein
    - Concentration of glucose

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