Welded plate heat exchanger

Welded plate heat exchanger is an emerging kind of heat exchangers, which is rapidly becoming a promising choice in chemical aggressive environments and high –temperature or high-pressure fluids.

The core part is a welded pack of corrugated plates in stainless steel or other materials, depending on the application requirement. The plates arelaser/TIG welded together to form alternatively channels. The two medias flow in a cross-flow arrangement within each pass while the overall flow arrangement is counter-current. The plate pack is then mounted in a shell or frame (known as plate-and-shell or plate-and-bloc heat exchanger) to resist high temperature and pressure. 

This heat exchanger combines the advantages of both shell-and-tube and plate heat exchangers.

  -Outstanding thermal transmission coefficients
  -Easy cleaning and maintenance 
  -Low space requirements
  -Low capital investment costs
  -Working temperatures up to 500℃
  -Working pressure up to 50bar

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