Fully welded wide gap plate heat exchanger suitable for media with fiber and particles

Time: 2018-03-12  Source: 本站

A set of fully welded wide gap (free flow) plate heat exchanger is delivered. It will serve in a biochemical company as a wastewater heat recovery unit.

The gap width is 16mm and no contact point during flow gap. Especially suitable for media with fibers and particles. Another benefit is the cover can be opened and the dirt can be flushed easily. Downtime is shortened.

The customer has tried another manufacturer’s wide gap heat exchanger, but the machine will be blocked within 2 days. The customer then turned to us for our fully welded wide gap heat exchangers and the result proved to be excellent. After 2 months test running, the exchanger still works well.

The original wide gap heat exchanger will be blocked on distribution area because of the long fiber. While our welded wide gap PHE adjusted distribution pattern the fiber cannot hang over the plate. The non-stop period has been multiplied. 

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